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How to Give Personalize Touch to Customer Service?

How to Give Personalize Touch to Customer Service?


Offering customer service is one of the most effective ways to boost the customer experience. This eventually adds up to the customer loyalty and customer retention rate as well. The best thing about offering good customer service is that you will stay updated about the expectation of your customers, which eventually helps you improve your product. However, most people think that offering good customer service will require millions and there is no monetary evidence that you can see in the form of profit.

To reduce the cost of customer service, most companies get to substandard practices. These practices work as a disadvantage for the company. On the contrary, if you offer quality customer service with a personal touch, it will help your customers to relate to your brand. Moreover, they will be more open to telling you their issues and suggestions.

For instance, good companies like Optimum are setting a benchmark within the service department by offering above-average customer service. From offering 24/7 customer service to making customer service accessible for all, they are elevating the standard for other businesses as well. Anyone can simply ring up the Optimum customer service number and ask for complete assistance whether they are customers or potential customers.

Let us now move forward and discuss the five tricks that will help you give a nice, personalized touch to customer support.

Top 5 Tricks to Help You Give Personalize Touch to Customer Service

  1. Keep the Greeting Genuine

Greetings are generally merged with the company introduction and the personal introduction. This is the first step of customer interaction so most brands offer a script that eventually helps in minimizing the chance of personal interaction.

However, when a customer representative read the script, this instantly revokes the sense of personalization and gives a very robotic effect. The best way to deal with this issue is to genuinely interact with the customer. Ask them basic questions like their name, talk about the weather, or their location. This will help them start the conversion with a positive mindset.

  1. Use Customer Tracking Software

There is collocation software that can help you track the customer down. This will offer you the history of complaints filed by the customer along with their basic introduction. With the help of this software no matter who attends the calls, they will have a complete history of the client without asking boring questions. From helping the company to reduce the response time to boosting customer satisfaction, this collaboration will help in effective communication.

  1. Ask For Feedback and Review

Feedback plays a very important role in ensuring that the business meets the expectation of the customer. Moreover, when you ask for feedback, this gives the impression to your customer that you are interested in their feedback. Most people ask for feedback by the end of the call but if you set a follow-up email, this will help your business to keep track of the after-service as well. Mostly, businesses are good at responding to the customer but the issue is not resolved. Feedback is not just good for businesses who want to meet the expectation of their customers but also for businesses who want to understand the effectiveness of communication between the departments and management.

  1. Offer Customer Support to Adjust Responses

Most brands do not believe in empowering customer service representatives instead they train them based on the rules and regulations of their business. This is one of the most effective ways to reduce the risk. However, while reducing the risk. This strategy strips their customer support department of autonomy and decision-making.

This can impact the relationship of the customer with the business later. A good way to resolve this issue is to focus on the training process and make sure the customer support department knows about the company policy. However, you have to empower them for decision-making as well.

  1. Update to Self Service 

Generally, companies have a monitoring policy where every task and every step needs to be run through a human eye. This means you will need more people in your system and each person will have to invest time in scanning the decisions. These things are implemented in the billing process, product dispatching as well as services. However, with the use of AI and advanced technology human involvement can be reduced.

When you empower your customers, you will eventually get to a point where simple tasks will be automated and you will be able to reduce the operational cost of your business and bring it to a minimum. Simple tasks like complaint management and billing can be automated and this will also help in reducing the risk of human error.

Bottom Line

There is no doubt that brands want to carefully curate their interaction with their customer, which is the reason their customer support department has little to no autonomy. However, without a personal touch, you might as well get help from AI than recruit a human. To deal with the issue of robotic interaction, above mentioned are some of the best tips and tricks that can help.  


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