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How to move the dolly

How to move the dolly

Hiring a professional mover is the best way to move large furniture pieces. Professional movers know the importance of using dollies for moving massive items. They have a variety of dollies at their disposal. Dollies help them transport large and heavy objects by putting in less effort. They also shield you from injury and damage. But, they can be difficult to use. Consider looking into the current types of dollies available before you request such a supply from the moving company you are working with.

The helpful mover's guide to how to utilize a dolly while moving

In case you have not heard of a moving supply known as a dolly, it is a flat, flat-topped platform, typically with four wheels, that allow movers to transport large, easily, and unusually-shaped furniture pieces. Dollys do not just prevent injuries from a heavy item that falls on someone's legs. It also shields the walls, narrow corridors, and other areas around the dolly. In addition, some moving dollies feature the platform area, which is carpeted with soft materials for extra protection. We've gathered valuable details on various kinds of dollies and the methods to utilize them.


How to move the Dolly


Commonly used dolly types by skilled moving experts nowadays

Two types of dollies can be used to move heavy objects. The ones with four wheels and the ones with two wheels. When the word dollies are mentioned, people may automatically think of the two-wheeled construction in the shape of the letter L. However, the assortment of dollies goes beyond that misconception. These are the types of furniture moving equipment:

  • Stair dolly. In most cases, the dollies for stairs are powered by batteries, and they feature six wheels. They look similar to a hand truck, and the wheels can easily turn, which allows the machine to go up and down. The heavy-duty stair-dolly is a sturdy yet expensive option for lifting large objects.

  • Appliance dolly. Suppose you've made the decision to have your essential household appliances moved to a new dwelling, and you need a dolly for them. In that case, an appliance is the most efficient way to handle such large units as refrigerators, drying, and washing machines. They come with a larger base, accompanied by secure straps to make sure the item is placed firmly and won't slide off.

  • Utility dolly. This type of dolly is also known as a hand truck. It has two wheels that are mounted on a metal base. This model can carry large objects and is suitable for all kinds of purposes. It is possible to fit boxes of different sizes in the utility dolly in case they are too large or heavy to lift. The utility dolly comes with an elastic strap that allows movers to secure the item to be moved.

  • Furniture dollies. Furniture dollies are four-wheeled constructions made of wood. While they don't have handles, they have surfaces carpeted with soft material to shield furniture pieces from damage. Touse a furniture dolly. You need to place an item of furniture on its top and then press the dolly.

Depending on the object required to be relocated, the dolly to move it in the proper size and type is selected. What happens if one kind of moving doll can be used for various uses?

Furniture and utility dolls - The distinction

There are many dollies on the market. The furniture dolly vs. utility dollies debate is a hot topic. Utility dollies are multi-purpose equipment. Which one should you choose for moving heavy furniture pieces? To make the most informed choice, it is essential to assess the strengths of both dollies. A heavy-duty furniture doll can only move 1000 lbs, and a utility doll can carry objects up to 600 lbs. Thus, extremely massive and awkwardly-shaped household equipment or pieces of furniture have to be moved with the dolly for furniture.

In contrast, smaller items can be lifted and moved with the utility type. Additionally, you can use the latter for other purposes. For example, it is possible to use this dolly to move boxes that are heavy but aren't big.


How to move the Dolly


What kind of dolly should one use for the next move?

Dolly's make the whole moving process much easier as you have to put less effort into preparing and removing large objects out of the house. Professional movers will select the appropriate kind of dolly based on the weight and size of the objects to be transported. The utility dolly is among the most popular choices as it is the best choice for moving heavy boxes, and the one designed for lifting and moving furniture is chosen for large pieces of furniture, for example:

  • Dressers.

  • Pianos.

  • Sofas and couches

  • Bookshelves and bookcases that can't be taken apart.

Suppose you own any big household appliances that require to be moved. In that case, the movers you previously hired may consider hiring an appliance dolly rather than lifting these large and delicate items. In addition, you can request a stair dolly in case you are moving out of a house with a few floors and have items that require bringing down. However, they are huge and heavy.

Moving experts use dollys, as well as other supplies for moving

Dolly furniture movers NYC and professional moving teams should be able to access a broad assortment of equipment and tools. They employ not just the dollies mentioned earlier but also the following equipment:

  • Different cushioning and protective materials, including bubble wrap, plastic wrap, and packing paper.

  • Additional tools to dismantle large furniture pieces in an hour or less.

  • Different types of cardboard boxes are sealed with heavy-duty tape.

The professionals also help with preparations before dealing with the customer's household and personal items and possessions by covering the walls and space around them with something soft to protect them from any unforeseen damage.

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How to move the Dolly

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